Broken Collar Bone

Broken Collar Bone


The collar bone can be broken in a car accident by the seat belt or in some cases the airbags. If a driver or passenger is wearing their seat belt, the impact from the other vehicle can cause the body to go forward causing the seatbelt to lock and break the collar bone. In some cases, when the airbag deploys, it can cause the collar bone to break due to the force of the accident.

Symptoms of a Broken Collar Bone

  • Pain around the shoulder area
  • Inflammation
  • Bruising
  • Difficulty raising arm
  • Tenderness
  • Pain when moving shoulder
  • Extruding bulge
  • Numbness of the arm

How a Broken Collar Bone Can Affect your Life

It can affect your life by not letting you work while the bone is still healing. It can stop you from physical activity until it is fully healed. The collar bone area will cause pain and restrict you from being able to have full range of motion.

How Long is Recovery?

A broken collar bone in adults can take anywhere from six to sixteen weeks to fully heal. Broken collar bones can be treated with an anti-inflammatory, ice, sling, and physical therapy. In the worst case, surgery can be done to fix it.

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