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Donaldsonville is a small city with a rich history. In the beginning, the area was inhabited by indigenous individuals until the French colonized the area. The area then switched hands to the Spanish and then back to the French, before being bought in the Louisiana Purchase, where it became part of the US. At the same time, the land was made into a town by Willian Donaldson and was thus renamed after him. Around 1829, Donaldsonville became the capital of Louisiana and saw a virtuous time of growth for a time. In the Civil War, much of Donaldsonville had been destroyed and captured by Union soldiers. After the war, Donaldsonville remained a city of cultural history and today has just over 8,000 people living there. But such a great city is not immune to accidents. In the event that you’ve been a victim, you could be entitled to compensation. But it all starts with a good lawyer who can help you out. Currently, Murphy Law Firm handles the following cases:


  • Wrongful Death: Has your loved one died due to another’s negligence? Something can be done about that.
  • Defective Medical Devices: Medical devices are meant to help, so what do you do when yours hurts you instead?
  • Workers Compensation: You were hurt a while ago, but still haven’t gotten your workers comp from your boss. Let’s do something about that.
  • Dangerous Drugs: Dangerous drugs often are given to us with the intent to help. But that doesn’t mean nothing can be done about it when they do hurt you.
  • Premises Liability: Everyone needs to keep up with maintenance. When you’ve been hurt by something preventable, it’s time to hold someone accountable. 
  • Malpractice: Your procedure should’ve been easy, so why did something go wrong? Your doctor could be held responsible.
  • Mass Tort & Class Action: Don’t be afraid to take a stand against a large business when they’re in the wrong. All you need is Murphy Law Firm to represent you.
  • Automobile Accidents: Don’t go into your case without proper representation. Anything can happen.
  • 18-wheeler Accidents: Insurance companies will do their hardest to make it seem like you’re at fault in a truck accident. Don’t become a victim twice!
  • Maritime Accidents: Accidents can happen all the time on open water. But what laws should you adhere to? Let us help.
  • Mesothelioma: Don’t lie down and take it when you’ve contracted mesothelioma. Someone should be held responsible for that.

In 2016, Donaldsonville had two car accident fatalities, but five in the following year. But these are just fatalities. There are many more various accidents that occur every day and when they do, those people need help from lawyers who can get them what they deserve. It’s time to call Murphy Law Firm! Call us today at 225.928.8800 and get your case started.



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