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Murphy Law Firm Makes a Difference

At Murphy Law Firm we are more than just lawyers. We are active members of the community, and we love to give back and help support individuals and organizations that are working hard to make a difference.

If you are seeking funding please see our application details below.

Our Vision: The goal driving our Murphy Law Firm Makes a Difference initiative is to help individuals and organizations, who are working hard to impact people’s lives and make a difference in our communities, with financial support. We want you to submit a donation request for your event or project. Murphy Law Firm is interested in giving back to the communities we live in and creating relationships with people that are working hard to make a difference.

Donation Minimum: $500

Terms & Conditions:

  • 1. Donations are only available to support programs and projects in the state of Louisiana
  • 2. Donations cannot be used to start a 501(c)(3)
  • 3. Donations must be used within a year of receipt
  • 4. Signature required agreeing to use funds for submitted project, if selected
  • 5. Documentation of the use of funds for all projects/events etc. will be required


  • Download HERE
  • Mail or email completed application to Jennifer Murphy
  • Mailing address: 2354 S Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, LA, 70808
  • Email address: [email protected]

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