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Essure is a metal coil that is inserted in the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy by forming scar tissue that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. The procedure requires no anesthesia or incisions and is inserted using a hysteroscope, a small camera. This method has been widely used and can take up from three to six months to become effective in which case a medical professional must determine the effectiveness. During this period in which the scar tissue is attempting to form, the Essure user must take another form of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of Essure?

Because Essure requires no incision or anesthesia, it is often widely accepted by women who are wanting to permanently prevent pregnancy. After Essure is officially effective, there is only a 0.1% chance of getting pregnant. Many women who have had Essure inserted have reported no long-term effects.

Why are There Lawsuits against Essure?

Recently, on July 20, 2018, Bayer has decided to completely stop selling Essure to women everywhere by the end of 2018. Despite Essure’s claims of women reporting no long-term side effects from the metal coil, more than 16,000 women have come forward to file a lawsuit against the birth control implant. There is also a group consisting of 37,000 members on Facebook called “Essure Problems.” Women reported to the F.D.A that the side effects from Essure consists of a wide range of problems, anywhere from hair and tooth loss to infant death and severe bleeding. Although the birth control implant is scheduled to halt all sales by 2019, the F.D.A. required that Bayer place a “black box warning” on Essure warning all women of the risk of injury in 2016. Recently, Bayer has been ordered by the F.D.A. to explain in detail all the problems and side effects linked to Essure before a woman undergoes the procedure.

What is Happening with Essure Now?

Sales have declined by 70%. Bayer has denied claims that Essure is unsafe and ensures that women can still effectively rely on the product. They blame negative publicity for the decline in sales. The company will continue studies and research on Essure and continue to inform women on the dangers of Essure and work with the F.D.A. However, even with the 16,000 lawsuits filed and the 37,000 members a part of the “Essure Problems” Facebook group, Bayer will continue to defend and support the use of Essure.

Are You a Victim of Essure?

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