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Houma has become the epitome of Cajun culture—full of good food, music, and beautiful bayou homes. But even the most peaceful places can still suffer from accidents. Houma suffers from multiple accidents each year, and some of these accidents even prove to be fatal. But don’t panic if you’ve been in an accident. You could be entitled to compensation, so get the help you need from a lawyer who knows their stuff. See if we can help you with your case:


  • Wrongful Death: It’s hard enough when a loved one dies unexpectedly. But it’s much worse when it could have been prevented.
  • Dangerous Drugs: Have you been hurt by any dangerous prescription drugs? We may be able to help you out.
  • Mass Tort & Class Action: You may not be the only one taking a stand! See what can be done for you and others like you.
  • Defective Medical Devices: When you’re hurt by a device meant to help you, you shouldn’t just lay down and take it! There are laws in place to protect you.
  • Premises Liability: A property owner is responsible for ensuring that their building or land is safe for others. If you’ve been hurt, you deserve compensation!
  • Malpractice: Your doctor should be held responsible for their negligent actions. Let’s get the compensation you deserve.
  • 18-wheeler Accidents: Truck accidents can be devastating and hard to bounce back from. Get the help you need from us.
  • Workers Compensation: You deserve to be taken care of when you’re hurt at work. Don’t become a victim twice!
  • Automobile Accidents: Car accidents can range from a small bump to a destroyed piece of machinery. But that doesn’t mean you have to take it.
  • Maritime Accidents: Getting injured on open waters can be a legal nightmare. Get some navigation from a lawyer who knows how to sail these waters.
  • Mesothelioma: Asbestos is something your landlord should’ve handled years ago! You deserve compensation for the illness you’ve suffered as a result of their negligence.


Accidents can be caused by weather conditions, distracted drivers, and other causes. And they affect not only the people directly involved in the crash but also property owners and pedestrians. In the year 2016, there was a total of 3 fatalities as a result of accidents in Houma and two of the three were caused by a drunk driver. And 2017 was no better as there were 5 fatalities—two of which were caused by a drunk driver. 


Every year, multiple fatalities can occur due to accidents. If you have been involved in or have lost a loved one in a tragic accident, don’t hesitate to call Peyton Murphy at Murphy Law Firm. Talk to our experienced personal injury attorneys and get the help you need.



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