Induced Labor / C-Section

Induced labor / c-section


Slip and falls often occur due to wet floors, spilled liquids, inadequate or missing entryway mats, and many other hidden hazards you don’t notice until it is too late. Trip and falls happen when unexpected objects or conditions impede your intended direction of travel. People often trip over large cracks in the sidewalk, potholes in crosswalks, unmarked and unexpected steps, and a host of many dangerous conditions that can cause a bad fall. Falls can happen when stairs break or crumble, or when a handrail or other safety device fails and causes a fall rather than preventing one.

Car accidents are extremely dangerous to a person, but especially a pregnant women. Car accidents can cause a pregnant mother to prematurely go into labor, potentially harming both mother and child. Car accidents are the leading cause of fetal immortality. 

Common Causes of Induced Labor/C-Section from Car Accidents

  • Airbag deployment​
  • Forceful impact ​
  • Stress of the accident​
  • Hitting the dashboard or steering wheel of the car ​

Pregnancy Injuries from Car Accident

  • Miscarriage
  • Premature Birth​
  • Birth Defects​
  • High Risk Pregnancy ​
  • Placenta Abruption​
  • Fetal Trauma​

How it Can Affect your Life

Induced labor or c-section can affect both the mother and baby from the accident. Induced labor can cause complications to the baby by lowering the heart rate, lack of oxygen, and stress on the unborn child. Induced labor can affect the lives of both mother and baby for the rest of their lives.


Recovery from induced labor or a c-section depends on the severity of the accident, but both the baby and the mother will need time to heal from the accident. 

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