Facial Fractures

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Facial Fractures

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Facial fractures


Slip and falls often occur due to wet floors, spilled liquids, inadequate or missing entryway mats, and many other hidden hazards you don’t notice until it is too late. Trip and falls happen when unexpected objects or conditions impede your intended direction of travel. People often trip over large cracks in the sidewalk, potholes in crosswalks, unmarked and unexpected steps, and a host of many dangerous conditions that can cause a bad fall. Falls can happen when stairs break or crumble, or when a handrail or other safety device fails and causes a fall rather than preventing one.

Facial fractures are broken bones in the face. The face has a complex bone structure that consists of the cheekbones, eye sockets, jaws, and nasal bones. Nasal fractures are common in automobile accidents. Fractures to other facial bones can also occur.


Common Facial Injuries Resulting From Car Accident

  • Facial fractures in the bones that shape and support the structure of the face and skull
  • Lacerations from broken glass.​
  • Broken, Missing, Or Chipped Teeth​
  • Burns from explosions, electrical fires, or hot engine parts
  • Damage to or loss of one or both of the eyes
  • Damage to nerves in the face​

Quick Facts

  • The treatment for facial injuries is usually complex compared to other injuries that result from a car accident. Clearing the airway, minimizing bleeding, preventing infections and relieving pain are only the most basic ways of treating a facial injury.
  • Radiography, X-rays, or CT scans are used to rule out facial fractures. CT scanning is better than X-ray for detecting fractures and examining soft issues, and is often needed to determine whether surgery is necessary.

How it Can Affect Your Life

Facial structures can cause severe discomfort in the face during your day to day life. The pain can lead to sleep deprivation and sometimes have no desire to socialize. It can prevent you from breathing, talking, or biting correctly. These symptoms can lead you to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.


The time it takes for a facial fracture to heal will depend on the type and severity of the fracture and what other problems and treatment you had. Bruising and swelling usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. At this point, you will begin to look more normal.

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