Loss of Limbs


Car accidents can cause you to lose limbs if the car is hit from head on, flipped over, side collisions, and T-bone accidents. People will lose their limb in a car accident if there is poor blood circulation to the limb. The cells in the limb aren’t getting the oxygen and nutrients they need from the bloodstream, causing amputation.

The Amputee Coalition said that car accidents are the primary cause of traumatic amputations.

How Limb Loss Can Affect your Life

Losing a limb in a car accident will impact your everyday life. The things that you would do everyday without a thought, will now take more time and practice. If a major limb is lost, such as an arm or a leg, the impact it will have on your life is major. If a finger or toe is lost in a car accident, your life will still be affected by your everyday tasks.

How Long is Recovery?

Recovery from amputation surgery is a couple of months. However, the limb can no longer be attached so therefore the process of recovery is living without a limb.

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