Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Questions to ask your lawyer

All personal injury trial lawyers are not the same! Many lawyers claim to be personal injury lawyers but have no experience in the courtroom.

Peyton Murphy wants you to contact him directly. This is his private cell phone number – 225-921-4455 – call or text Peyton at any time for help or information. If you can’t get a hold of him on the phone, send a text. If you’re in need, don’t wait. Contact Peyton Murphy today.

Clients at Murphy Law Firm are never just numbers. We know each of our clients by their names. We make it a point to get to know each client and treat them like family.

No. Quick settlements equal bad results. The only way a settlement is accepted quickly is if the insurance company offers an above average resolution which is extremely rare. The only way to get the best results sometimes is to force insurance companies to pay. You should hire a lawyer that will fight for you.

Murphy Law Firm handles all cases in house. We do not refer to other lawyers. Co-Counsel (using lawyers not in our firm) is allowed under certain circumstances if it helps the case, but rarely done.

All the attorneys at Murphy Law Firm and staff have a vast knowledge of medical issues when dealing with a personal injury case. We must know about injuries in order to explain our position when at trial or negotiating a settlement.

The team of lawyers at Murphy Law Firm all go to court and try cases. The insurance companies know us and our ability in the courtroom.

Murphy Law Firm has resources and cutting edge technology to investigate and fight for your case.

Murphy Law firm has almost 150 years of litigation experience with experience in the court room.

Murphy Law Firm does not have a settlement department or a pre-litigation department. We don’t even have pre-litigation attorneys on our team. Every single one of our personal injury lawyers is ready to go to trial if that is what it takes to recover maximum compensation for our clients. Each case is handled on an individual basis and only settled if the insurance company offers a fair and just settlement.

If you hire a firm with a settlement or pre-litigation department and suit has to be filed for you to receive max compensation, you’re going to have to change lawyers. At Murphy Law Firm you get the over 150 years of combined litigation experience of our entire team. We are with your case from the beginning to the end. Murphy Law Firm is NOT A SETTLEMENT FACTORY. Insurance companies know our reputation, and if they don’t offer maximum compensation for your injuries and damages, we will take them to court.

Murphy Law Firm only handles injury cases. This is important because the law is complicated and constantly changing. If your attorney is not familiar with personal injury cases your case could be under-valued.

If your attorney doesn’t try cases results may vary. You should always hire an attorney with real trial experience. The insurance companies know Murphy Law Firm will fight for the client.

Peyton Murphy has been going to trial for 26 years. All the lawyers go to trial at Murphy Law Firm and they often work as a team. Additionally, Peyton Murphy reviews and approves every settlement and participates in the trials.


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