Spinal cord injury


Peyton Murphy and his team of legal professionals are sensitive to the nuances of spinal cord injury law. They’ve represented clients with disabling spine injuries throughout Louisiana in the past, and have first-hand experience fighting for the severely injured. They understand the laws surrounding most spine injuries and have the resources and knowledge to pursue damage recovery through whatever means necessary. Most of all, they know how badly spine injury survivors and their loved ones need aggressive attorneys during settlement negotiations and trials. That’s why they extend their legal services to victims in Baton Rouge.

A Look into Spinal Cord Injury Law

It is your spine that allows you to move and feel sensations. Injuries to the spinal cord can break this connection and interrupt one’s abilities to move and feel below the point of damage. Spine injuries are serious, and often leave victims permanently paralyzed. Such a catastrophic form of injury comes with its own laws in the civil system.

In legal terms, a “catastrophic” injury is one that inflicts permanent damage, pain, or disability on the victim. Spine injuries, brain trauma, and amputations are examples of catastrophic injuries. Due to the extreme nature of these injuries, the law takes them very seriously. 

Survivors are often eligible for much more significant compensation for these injuries compared to minor ones.

It's important, however, to retain an attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury accidents. Otherwise, you could sell your claim short of its full potential.

While personal injury lawsuits are about more than just the money, spinal cord injuries do require a significant amount of expense on the survivor’s end.

Hospital stays, surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medical devices, home and vehicle modifications, live-in care, lifelong doctor’s appointments… who should pay for all of this for the duration ofthe survivor’s life? The survivor? We don’t think so either.

That’s why we work out hardest to secure maximum recovery for spinal cord injury clients. We know every cent will go a long way toward securing a more comfortable and stable financial future for deserving victims.

Pain and Suffering Damages in Spine Injury Claims

“Pain and suffering” is a type of non-economic damage available in the majority of personal injury claims. It generally describes the plaintiff’s physical pain and emotional suffering while living with the injury in question.

Spine injury cases, however, can dig much deeper than general pain and suffering. Since most victims will never be able to stand, walk, work, go to the bathroom, eat, or even breathe on their own after a spine injury, the courts tend to award damages beyond what you might see in other personal injury claims.

Damages can make up for:

Past + Future Medical Costs

Lost Quality of Life

Lost Enjoyment of Life

Lost Capacity to Earn

Loss of Consortium (For the Victim's Spouse and/or Children)

Loss of Spousal Intimacy

To find out how much your case would be worth, talk to a lawyer at Murphy Law Firm. We’re here to help guide you and your family through the legal process in Baton Rouge and help you find a renewed sense of hope for your future. Call (225) 928-8800 to schedule a free consultation.

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