Current Road Construction in Baton Rouge

Road construction is great for our community, and with the novel Coronavirus shutting down large parts of our city, there has never been a better time for the city to ramp up road improvement projects. Still, increased construction means there are more obstacles, potential hazards, and new traffic patterns that all have the potential to cause car accidents. Drivers need to stay vigilant in these times to avoid accidents and stay safe on the roads. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of current road improvement projects happening in Baton Rouge right now. If you have been out on the roads lately, you have probably driven through a few of these areas. Check out which areas are currently under constructions, and stay safe while you drive!

Latest Baton Rouge Road Improvement Projects 

  • Road Diet on Government Street – The lanes on Government Street are being reduced and rechanneled. This presents unique construction hazards to drivers since travel lanes are effectively being narrowed. Government Street is a busy road where people drive fast and change lanes quickly. If you are driving on Government Street be aware of the flow of traffic and reduce your speed in order to remain safe during the road diet construction here. 
  • Widening of I-10 at Highland – The interstate has long been an area many local residents would like to see improved. With current widening construction taking place on 1-10 at Highland Road drivers need to take caution when driving in this construction zone. There are workers and heavy machinery present, and drivers approaching this zone may decelerate rapidly. 
  • Resurfacing of Perkins Road – A large swath of Perkins Road was recently resurfaced on both sides of the road. The remnants of this project still remain on the sides of the road, and there is ongoing work continuing on the sidewalks and shoulder of Perkins Road. While a majority of the obstacles have been cleared, and congestion has eased, drivers should remain cautious when there are orange cones and construction workers present. Even construction off on the side of the road can increase car accidents on a busy road like Perkins.
  • Traffic Flow Improvements on Nicholson Road and Brightside – This area has some of the heaviest traffic in Baton Rouge especially when LSU is in session. Road construction has been happening primarily at the corner of Brightside and Nicholson to improve the flow of traffic in this busy area. Drivers need to be aware that traffic will slow down drastically at this intersection. Slow speeds, heavy traffic, and construction are bad combinations for traffic accidents because people get antsy and try to get out of the traffic. If you’re driving in this area remain calm, go slow, and don’t try to rush.
  • Traffic Flow Improvements on South Acadian Thruway – This is a new project that just received approval on the 26th of March, 2020. The project will improve traffic flow on South Acadian from Government Street to the interstate. Early signs point to turning lane improvements especially near the school where traffic backs up at the end of the school day. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the construction projects currently under way or about to start in your parish you can visit the La DOTD website

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