Seven Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents occur daily, and everyday people get hurt, or worse, killed. Serious accidents not only result in costly medical bills, but also result in lost wages and untold amounts of emotional suffering. Accident victims may feel like they have no lifeline. Insurance companies either don’t provide the benefits they should, or they trick you into signing away your rights for some fast cash. After you’ve been hurt in an accident, the right thing to do is consult with a personal injury lawyer. You have probably seen personal injury billboards and commercials, but do you really know the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney? Here is a compelling list of reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer after you have been hurt.

  1. No Upfront Fees – Almost every personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. This means if you don’t win your case, they don’t charge you. If you do win, their fees come out of the settlement. It costs you nothing to consult with a personal injury lawyer after your accident. Why not get an expert’s opinion on your case? 
  2. Bigger Settlements – Even after fees, on average, you are likely to receive a far larger monetary settlement when you have legal representation than when you don’t. Insurance companies like to pay and make cases go away quickly before they are held to the full extent of their legal obligations. A personal injury lawyer who knows the in’s and out’s of the law can ensure you get what you deserve under the law. 
  3. Trial Experience – If your injury attorney can’t get you a fair settlement, they can take your case to trial and fight for the compensation you deserve. In America, it is your right to represent yourself, but odds are you won’t stand a chance against the lawyers for the insurance companies.
  4. Support Staff – A personal injury case requires a lot of time and effort gathering evidence like medical records and accident reports, and communicating with insurance adjusters and defense lawyers. How can you recover from your accident, try to get back to work, and manage all of the aspects of your case? A personal injury lawyer has a support staff that helps them gather all evidence and communicate with the other parties involved in your accident so you can focus on getting your life back together. 
  5. Impartiality – When an accident affects you or a loved one, it can be hard to see and think clearly about the next steps forward. When you have a personal injury lawyer representing you, they can help you stay objective and ensure that you don’t make any rash decisions especially when it comes to taking settlements. Insurance companies always try to settle for less. A lawyer will help you hold them accountable. 
  6. Alternative Avenues of Resolution – Quick settlements and lengthy trials are not the only two paths to resolving your injury case. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal waters and may think it is in your best interest to choose an alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation. The upside of these proceedings is that they are not typically as lengthy as court proceedings. You could save time, money, and emotional distress by pursuing resolution through these alternative channels. 
  7. Familiar with Insurance Companies – Insurance companies are constantly trying to minimize their liability and legal obligation. A skilled personal injury attorney not only has experience dealing with insurance companies and their representatives, but they also are familiar with all of their tricks. 

There is no downside to speaking with a personal injury lawyer about your case. Initial consultations cost you nothing, and if you don’t win your case, most lawyers will not charge you anything. What do you have to lose? Get help for your injuries before your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering consume your life. If you need help from a personal injury lawyer, reach out to Murphy Law Firm to learn more about the potential for your case.