What Information To Tell Your Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

Did you know that motorcyclists run the risk of harm every time they get on the road? That is why it is extremely important to know what needs to be conveyed to your attorney in case an accident occurs. 

First and foremost—correctly identifying injuries is an important foundational step in the development of a case. So, focusing on medical recovery and correlating treatment should stay top of your mind after an accident. Unfortunately, there are biases when it comes to riding a motorcycle that directly affects the outcome of many injury cases. Identifying the cause of the accident is also a crucial measure in the beginning stages of a case. If you or a loved one is in a motorcycle accident, make sure to consult with the experienced team at  Murphy Law Firm to understand your legal options.

Identifying The Causes Of A Motorcycle Accident

In the beginning stages of a case, it’s imperative to identify the cause of the motorcycle accident. This information can determine if an insurance adjuster can cast blame on you or not. Do yourself a favor and make sure to keep the following in mind while on the road:

  • Other Drivers: It often goes without saying—but being mindful of other drivers is crucial in limiting vulnerability on a motorcycle. 
  • Road Conditions: Conditions of the road can be the difference in a routine Sunday ride and a horrific weekend accident. While riding, stay aware of your surroundings and the weather to limit the probability of an accident occurring. 
  • Keeping Up With Maintenance: Maintaining your vehicle is important for the safety of yourself and others while on the road. If anything goes wrong that you could’ve prevented with routine maintenance, that changes everything. 

All of these factors are critical for any motorist to keep in mind, no matter if they drive a motorcycle or not. Above all, remember staying a responsible rider on the road helps any confusion when determining liability in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

Some feel they can represent themselves even if evidence points in their favor. While it looks like it may save you a few bucks, this choice will most likely hurt you in the long run. The law, especially within Louisiana, is often difficult to discern. That being the case, having a lawyer experienced in motorcycle accident claims is a valuable asset to have. Properly understanding your legal options after an accident is why you need a lawyer like Peyton Murphy in your corner. Before there becomes a doubt in liability make sure to ask for a free consultation from Murphy Law Firm.

Contact Murphy Law Firm After A Motorcycle Accident

In the event of a motorcycle accident, contact our team at Murphy Law Firm online or by calling 225-928-8800. After all, you don’t want to become a victim twice! Don’t allow an insurance adjuster to dictate the fate of your motorcycle accident. Reach out to our legal staff to get the peace of mind you need to focus on your recovery.