Bayer Settles Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

On June 24th, 2020, Bayer announced that it was settling the thousands of outstanding lawsuits against them claiming that their product Roundup, more specifically the glyphosate in Roundup, causes cancer. The cases started piling up after a school groundskeeper won a 290 million dollar decision from a California jury back in 2018. At the time Roundup was owned by Monsanto, which was bought by Bayer in 2018. Just last year in 2019, another California jury awarded a husband and wife 2 billion dollars in damages as a result of their illnesses caused by Roundup. The damages were later reduced to 87 million dollars by a judge. 

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Settlement

Bayer has set aside more than 10 billion dollars to settle existing and future Roundup lawsuits. They have allocated 8 to 9.5 billion dollars to settle the thousands of existing lawsuits against them, and an additional 1 to 1.5 billion dollars to settle any future Roundup lawsuits that may arise. Despite the fact that they have decided to settle their Roundup cases, Bayer is not admitting to any fault, wrongdoing, or liability. In fact, Roundup will continue to be on retail shelves without any warning label provided to warn users that the product may harm them or cause cancer. 

Injured victims claim that the glyphosate in Roundup is what caused their cancers. However, Bayer strongly denies the claims that glyphosate is a carcinogen, and the United States EPA backs this claim. Recently, a federal judge ruled that officials in California cannot force companies to place warning labels on products containing glyphosate. 

What is Next for Victims of Roundup?

Not everyone who has filed Roundup lawsuits against Bayer has agreed to settlement. Just because a large number of these cases will settle doesn’t mean that new cases cannot be filed. It is apparent that juries, who have seen the evidence in at least two high-profile cases, tend to side with plaintiffs against Bayer. The fact that Roundup remains on the shelves means that more people will get cancer from using it, especially since there is no warning label. 

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