Did I Hire a Personal Injury Settlement Mill?

Insurance companies love working with personal injury law firms that operate like settlement mills because there is very little uncertainty for them. In most instances, insurance companies save money by not going to trial. Personal injury settlement mills have the same mindset. These firms don’t want to take a case to trial because it takes a lot more time and litigation experience. Instead, these settlement mills want to get hired on a ton of cases, where they’ll settle quickly and get paid quickly. They’ll repeat this process over and over again by way of extreme marketing. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you need an experienced personal injury attorney that will take the time to get to know you, your case, and ultimately, fight for your best interests.

How to Spot a Settlement Mill

One of the hallmarks of personal injury settlement mills is aggressive advertising. However, not all law firms who advertise heavily are settlement mills. How can you tell if you are hiring a marketer or an attorney? Here are the key factors that distinguish a settlement mill from a reliable personal injury law firm:

  • High-volume of cases (churn and earn)
  • Heavy advertising (obtaining majority of clients from million-dollar marketing campaigns)
  • Rarely ever deny settlements (insurance companies love this!)
  • Little to no case screening
  • Little to no client/attorney interaction (your case is handled almost fully by a paralegal) 
  • Resolve cases quickly (on to the next!)

Why Do Insurance Companies Love Settlement Mills?

For settlement mills, the high-volume of injury cases prevents these lawyers from spending time on a single case. They are mostly focused on getting their next lead (client). In fact, at these firms, you may never meet nor speak with the attorney representing you which plays into the hands of the insurance companies. Insurance companies don’t mind paying modest settlements for minor cases if it means that the substantial injury cases are lost in the mix, and settle for less too. Clients can’t be getting fair settlements if their compensation is based on another client’s settlement. In the end, injured victims may suffer while settlement mills get richer and big insurance companies save money.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney with Trial Experience

If you want to avoid settlement mills and get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, you need to hire a personal injury attorney that has an abundance of trial experience. Personal injury lawyers who have the trial experience and the ability to thoroughly review a case will understand a case’s true worth and will get better settlement terms on average. You should never feel pressured by your attorney to take a settlement offer, especially if you think it isn’t fair. Beware of settlement mills that may offer an incentive to settle quickly at the first offer. Typically, they will offer to lower their fees if you take a quick settlement. The end goal for settlement mills is to close cases fast and open new ones even faster.

The best advice for injured victims is to ask questions and consult with a few different personal injury attorneys before you choose who will represent you. If you make a quick choice based on the number of advertisements you’ve seen, you will likely end up in a settlement mill. At Murphy Law Firm we prepare every case for trial. The insurance companies know our team will not back down and take a quick settlement offer. Call us today at (225) 928-8800 to set up a consultation with our team.