Why is Trial Experience so Important in Personal Injury Cases?

The grand majority of personal injury cases will never see the inside of the courtroom. Trials can be lengthy and expensive, and insurance companies try to avoid them as much as they possibly can which is why most personal injury cases settle out of court before trial. Bearing these facts in mind, you may come to the conclusion that trial experience is not important when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you. Despite the fact that your case probably won’t end up in court, you want a personal injury lawyer with a lot of trial experience.

3 Reasons Why Trial Experience is so Important in Personal Injury Cases

1. Better Settlements

As we’ve already said insurance companies want to avoid going to trial as much as they possibly can. These companies keep detailed lists and notes on every local personal injury attorney. They know which lawyers will take a case to trial if their client is not offered a fair settlement, and which attorneys don’t go to court. Personal injury attorneys with trial experience get better settlement offers from insurance companies because they aren’t afraid to go to court. When you hire a personal injury lawyer with trial experience you send a message to the insurance companies that you won’t settle for less than what is fair for your injuries, bills, and lost wages.

2. Experience with Juries

In the state of Louisiana personal injury trials are argued before a jury. The ability to connect with a jury, to communicate damages, and humanize a case is a skill that personal injury lawyers get with experience in the courtroom. If your personal injury case ends up going to court, you want an attorney with years of experience and success in the courtroom. Ultimately, the jury will decide how much your case is worth. If you want to recover compensation for all of your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, you need a personal injury lawyer with the trial and jury experience to effectively communicate these facts to the jury and show them why it was the defendant’s fault.

3. Confidence and Peace of Mind

Hiring a lawyer with trial experience to represent your interests instills confidence and gives you peace of mind that your best interests are truly being represented. You have enough to deal with after your life is upended by an accident. Take the time to find a personal injury lawyer who has trial experience and a track record of looking out for their clients, and leave everything in their hands so you can focus on what’s important, recovering.

Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys at Murphy Law Firm have over 150 years of combined litigation experience. We prepare every single one of our personal injury cases with the expectation that it could go to trial if that is what it takes for our clients to receive fair compensation for their accident. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, contact our team at (225) 928-8800.