The Seven Most Dangerous Intersections in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is a dangerous city for drivers. In fact, according to a recent study that was published, Baton Rouge is the second most dangerous city in America to drive in. Traffic congestion, poor road quality, and traffic delays are some of the biggest factors in making our Baton Rouge roads unsafe. If you want to stay safe on the roads, you need to pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. We’ve put together a helpful list of the most dangerous intersections in Baton Rouge. Drive carefully in these areas, and always stay vigilant and patient when you are on the road. 

1. Essen Lane & I-10

This is one of the busiest and most congested areas in town. There are multiple big hospitals and medical practices in this area, and there are on and off ramps for I-10. Year over year this intersection consistently has more car accidents than any other in Baton Rouge. It is not surprising if there are over 100 accidents in any given year at this intersection. Road construction, traffic delays, and heavy congestion are regular features of Essen Lane at I-10. Stay patient while driving here, and pay attention to traffic. 

2. College Drive & I-10

For college students and locals alike, College Drive is a main thoroughfare. There are multiple big chain stores like Albertsons, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby, the road is often cracked, bumpy, and full of potholes, and it is one of the main ways area residents access I-10. All of these factors lead to a perfect storm for poor traffic conditions, and a lot of car wrecks. The area surrounding the on ramps going east and west is particularly perilous since there are a number of quick stop lights, impatient drivers, and drivers merging from surrounding area parking lots.

3. Airline Highway & Goodwood Boulevard

Airline Highway is seemingly always congested, and when you combine a less than ideal road surface with an intersection with another four lane road in Goodwood Blvd, you have an area that will be prone to an increase in car accidents. Further exacerbating the accident issue at this intersection is the frontage road that has a stop sign for traffic coming up to the intersection with Goodwood Blvd. Congestion gets bad in this part of town and combined with poor road conditions and heavy traffic is a recipe for disaster.

4. Airline Highway & Old Hammond Highway

This intersection is literally the next traffic stop over from Airline and Goodwood, and it is no surprise that it is also prone to a high number of car wrecks. Airline Highway and Old Hammond Highway are both busy streets with a lot of traffic, and when these two streets intersect there is an increase in car accidents.

5. I-12 & Millerville

This intersection has a lot of heavy traffic. There are a number of restaurants, Super Target, Best Buy, and more in this area. The road conditions in this part of town are actually pretty good when compared to Airline Highway or College Drive, but congestion and heavy traffic flow at this intersection lead to a high number of accidents every year.

6. I-10 & Acadian Thruway

We are pretty familiar with this intersection since it is right outside our office! There is a little less traffic on Acadian Thruway then on College Drive, but there is still a fair amount of daily congestion around the on and off ramps of I-10 especially in the daily rush hours. Busy intersections, especially merging traffic coming on or off an interstate is always going to lead to more car accidents than most other streets. The quick succession of stop lights on Acadian right near the interstate sometimes causes traffic to back up, and when drivers get impatient they often get careless and accidents happen. Right now Acadian is even more dangerous due to a road resurfacing project that is also taking place. If you’re driving here, pay attention to the road and be patient!

7. Constitution Ave & College Drive

Our list wouldn’t be complete without at least one more intersection on College Drive. Constitution Ave intersects College Drive and has a stop light, but the light is short, and during times of heavy congestion drivers trying to turn on or cross College Drive might find themselves stuck for multiple light cycles as traffic backs up on College. This leads to impatient drivers, more reckless driving behavior, and more car accidents. Not to mention the road conditions on College Drive are already less than ideal.

As you can see most of the car wrecks in Baton Rouge occur around the interstate or the highway. It is always a good idea to pay close attention while driving in these areas. However, as we’ve seen earlier, Baton Rouge as a whole is a dangerous city to drive in. Stay vigilant on the roads and try to remain calm when you are stuck in traffic!

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