What is a Personal Injury Settlement Department?

Are you confused by the status of your personal injury case? Why is your case being handled by the firm’s settlement department? What is a settlement department? Am I getting the best possible representation for my injuries? These are all questions and concerns you may have following an accident. Settlement departments are an all too common part of personal injury law. You may not know that your case is being handled in this way. 

Does My Personal Injury Attorney Have a Settlement Department?

This is an important question you need to ask your attorney before you retain them to represent your interests. Settlement departments are staffed by lawyers with little to no trial experience. These departments aren’t designed to represent the best interests of injured victims. They are designed to make the firm a ton of money. A personal injury settlement department is looking to make a quick settlement, avoid trial, and move on to the next case. Personal injury settlement departments are no better than insurance companies when it comes to representing the rights of injured victims.

I Got Paid Fast! What is the Problem with Settlement Departments?

The problem is you were probably entitled to more money than you received, but since you settled quickly, your injury claim was undervalued. Additionally, the extent of your injuries might not be completely clear at the time of settlement. If it turns out your injuries are more extensive than initially thought, or that your recovery time will be a lot longer than you imagined, you can no longer recover compensation for those medical bills or missed work and wages. However, the main issue with settlement departments is that they signal a willingness to settle to the insurance companies.

Does My Personal Injury Lawyer Have Trial Experience?

You better believe that insurance companies keep score. These companies know which attorneys will settle cases quickly and which attorneys are willing to take a case all the way to trial to get fair compensation for their clients. Personal injury attorneys with settlement departments in their firm will not get great settlement terms from insurance companies. Why? Insurance companies know lawyers with settlement departments are just as averse to actually going to court to fight a case as they are. Therefore, they offer settlements that make both parties happy, but leave the injured victim hanging high and dry in the middle. Most personal injury cases will settle before they make it to court, but attorneys with a reputation for taking cases to trial get better settlement offers from insurance companies because they know if they don’t offer fair compensation they will have to spend a lot more money going to court. 

Murphy Law Firm doesn’t have a settlement department, and we never will. Every single personal injury lawyer on our team is ready to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to secure fair compensation for you. We have over 150 years of combined litigation experience, and the insurance companies know we are not afraid to go trial. If you’ve been hurt in an accident feel free to contact us to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Don’t leave money on the table by settling for a personal injury lawyer who will stick your case in their settlement department.


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